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Hey guyz just remember this is your website also, so don’t feel held back to write whats on your mind you can post anything in the comments section on any page and plz remember to bookmark this page for future reference Thank You

Your Bases…

I will be putting all the screenshots of all bases in the clan if you see yours and you have changed it plz notify myself or to thank you

Example feed back on a base

This is just an example but yours can look like anything.—–By To

Ryan is a 1410 trophy Dragon in our clan at the time that he requested feedback.  It looks like his base’s walls could use some tightening.  All of the extra space inside the walls wastes precious walls. Also, it may not be useful to surround just the town hall with walls, because if the enemy gets deep enough to reach your town hall, it will probably be destroyed by an air/range unit anyways.

2013-05-08 15 Ryan

Hey Dragons

Hello fellow clan mates please remember to bookmark this page and to keep in touch here this will also reduce all clan chat spamming.

Navigation of the pages

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 10.04.22 PMJust to help you navigate through this website there are things at the top right hand corner which are the pages where there are things like info, rules members so on